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Mar 03, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Troupe Racing / Mountain Bike Race Fuel


Excited to announce our partnership with Troupe Racing! These Left Coasters are competing in Mountain Biking, Cyclocross and Enduro races all over the country!


“From Southern California, our team is created with a nod back to mountain biking’s glory days of small teams that traveled the country in search of the perfect course. (We believe, by the way, that these days are back). We aim to resurrect the idea that riding on a team means something to it’s riders – its something to be proud of.”


"Until recently, during our races we had to succumbed to the fact that in order to enjoy our coffee out in the middle of the mountains on training rides, races, and camps, we would have to brew at home, and carry a thermos full to be able to enjoy a proper coffee-break mid-ride. Otherwise would wind up at the local coffee shop afterwards just to get our fix. Then you fine people at Wacaco changed our lives with your MiniPresso kit. We're now obsessed with the idea of fresh espresso on the trails."



These guys are ripping it, and already placing in this seasons competitions (of course fueled by shots of Minipresso). Check out their page for regular updates, and check out their upcoming races. If you’re into Mountain Biking / Cycling, or want to try out a Minipresso, check em out in person!




Mar 03, 2017 Daniel Kennedy