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Aug 05, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Up Your Office Coffee Game with Wacaco

I use this at the office everyday, never using a french press again. - Jason T (happy customer)

We hear countless times on social media that our portable espresso machines have saved people from the horrors of bad office coffee.  It goes to show, you don’t HAVE to always enjoy a nice hot espresso on the summit of a mountain, or in the middle of the wilderness (though we HIGHLY recommend it), your mini or nano can be used regularly during your day to day to escape bland, burnt, old, office coffee.  Use it as an enjoyable moment to break up the day.  You can even skip the kitchen step and make delicious espresso right at your desk and wow you co-workers with your mobile barista skills. 

We’ve gotten great reviews from law enforcement (stuck in a surveillance van for hours without being able to leave) and security officers, who have to sometimes stay put for hours on end do to the requirements of their jobs, with a portable espresso machine they no longer have to deal with lack of caffeine or varying coffee quality. 


You always know what you’re going to get, with a Wacaco.  Enjoy!




Aug 05, 2017 Daniel Kennedy