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Oct 27, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Volcano Coffee Works: Reserve Pods

Beth finished reviewing espresso from Volcano Coffee Works with help from her brother, Brian. She wanted to show off the Nespresso® pod-compatible Minipresso, and honestly, they were in dire need of a caffeine boost. Fortunately, they were quickly satisfied thanks to Minipresso’s easiest brewing process. Clean up is always simple, too, and Volcano’s pods are 100% compostable, completely disintegrating within 150 days.

Volcano Coffee Works

Working in London’s artsy, multicultural Brixton neighborhood, Volcano roasters create inspired small-batch coffees using ethically traded, premium coffee beans. Their recyclable pod packaging resembles a classic novel, but you don’t have to turn in a book report. Rather, you can select pods based on your espresso preferences, such as Bold: Morning Shot; Balanced: All Day; or Reserve: Rich Sweet.


Reserve: Rich Sweet

Origin:  Fair trade beans grown in the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua; roasted and packed in Brixton, London, United Kingdom

Pre-Tasting Observations

“Maybe I’ve seen too many Halloween decorations lately, but this crema looks like a spooky eye staring back at me,” said Beth. “See how the crema resembles an iris and the drip is making it move?”

After rolling his eyes at Beth’s comment, Brian took his turn with the Minipresso. Brian’s an amateur when it comes to reviewing coffee, noting that he “…only cares that it tastes good and has caffeine.” When nudged to describe his Reserve espresso, he commented on the nutty scent with a hint of natural sweetness. Beth agreed, noting that the sweetness seemed like brown sugar or butterscotch. As she gave her cup a swirl, she joked about the crema forming a skull-like design.


The cool, crisp effects of Autumn weather clearly influenced the tasting. “This espresso reminds me of Maine or Vermont in the fall, like the coffee I enjoyed at our outdoor brunch,” said Brian. He noticed the subtle presence of floral flavors but otherwise commented that Reserve is strong, bold, and not over-roasted. Sipping the crema was a real treat – no tricks hidden in that beautiful foam! Beth likened her espresso shot to apple cider – not in taste, per se, but for the sweet, sweet acidity that made her want to drink it like juice. Of course, Beth does not recommend overfilling the water tank because that will thin out the good stuff.



Oct 27, 2017 Daniel Kennedy