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Feb 05, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Wacaco in the Cafe!

At 18 bars of pressure and with the added kick of the Barista Kit, the Nanopresso is capable of creating a powerful and flavorful enough shot for any cafe quality espresso drink.

We took the Nano with the Double Shot Adapter and Large Filter Basket (a must for creating a powerful and flavorful shot that will come through in a espresso drink)  and had our buddies over at Loftea Cafe put it to the test. 

After fine tuning the perfect grind of their extremely fresh and delicious beans,  we had Barista George pump out a beautiful series of drinks - Latte, Red Velvet, and Cortado!

Now it can’t be argued, a $12,000 180 lb commercial espresso machine is going to make a great cup.  However, good luck fitting that into your pocket.  With the Nano you can not only up your home barista game, but bring it with you far and wide.

Pro-tip - remember every bean will perform slightly different in the Nanopresso, and a little fine tuning is worth getting the perfect shot.  We took 3 tries to dial in the right fineness of Loftea’s beans.  Too fine and the Nanopreso will be hard to pump with drips coming out, too coarse and the extraction will be more coffee like.  Once we hit the perfect fineness we got perfect shots with a thick rich crema every time.



Feb 05, 2018 Daniel Kennedy