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Dec 31, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Why Wacaco Is Perfect For The Urban Coffee Connoisseur

Though we love making fresh hot espresso at the summit, on paddle trips, and in the backcountry; using your Wacaco in the wild isn't the only place to enjoy your Minipresso and Nanopresso.

Sometimes city life can be overwhelming, the constant hustle and bustle, not to mention crowds, lines, and increasing coffee prices.  Sometimes you really need to get away, but don't have time to take a vacation, or really take more than a moment.  A pre-work coffee stop in a busy cafe isn't the most relaxing; paired with sometimes questionable coffee quality and breaking the bank for an over priced Americano, that can add up.  

Small apartment?  No problem!  Pack the power of a table top espresso with the Nanopresso, capable of 18 bars of pressure while still fitting in your pocket.  The Nanopresso doesn't take up valuable cabinet or counter space and at under 3/4 lb and measuring about 6 inches it can easily fit in any bag for easy transport and espresso on the go!

With Wacaco you can take a quick pit stop, during your morning commute, take a moment to yourself.  Enoy a hot espresso, doppio, Americano, or Cold Brew with your Nano or Minipresso.  Take in the surroundings, gather your thoughts, and start your day off right.



Dec 31, 2017 Daniel Kennedy