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May 18, 2019Daniel Kennedy

Wacaco Presents - Little Known Coffee Facts!

Why do we call a cappuccino a cappuccino?

The term originates from the Capuchin Friars.  The Capuchin Order of Friars were Catholic monks of the Franciscan order popular in the 16th century.  Their name, Capuchin, is derived from their long pointed hoods, known as a cappucio.  The brown color of their habit resembles the color of a cappuccino (espresso mixed with frothed milk); hence where we get the name.  The Capuchins were local to Italy, and once the Cappuccino became popular the name seemed a natural fit.

How long does it take for a coffee tree to reach maturity?

A coffee tree typically reaches maturity in about 5 years.

How much coffee do Americans consume per day?

400 million cups of coffee each day.  This makes the Unites States the world’s largest coffee consumer.  About 50% of Americans start their day with a cup of joe.

How much does the average American spend on Coffee each day?

$3 per day, or $1100 per year.  Most of that is buying coffee out at cafes, think of all the money you'd save with one of our portable espresso machines!

Why do we sometimes call coffee a Cup of Joe?  Where did that originate?

There are a few competing theories:

A "cup of jamoke" was a term describing java + mocha, and first appeared in a military officers manual from 1931.

"Joe" is often a term referring to the common man.  A Cup of Joe is something every man drinks.

Admiral Josephus “Joe” Daniels (1862-1948), the Secretary of the U.S. Navy,   prohibited alcohol aboard Navy ships in 1914, leaving coffee to be the strongest drink available on naval ships.   The term is said to endearingly pay homage to the man (or perhaps the opposite depending on your drink of preference).

How many coffee beans are in 1 pound of coffee?

About 4000 beans.

Which European country consumes the most coffee?

Finland.  Considering parts of Finland don't see sun for about 50 days straight during the winter months - and inversely summers are full of 24/7 sunlight, this amount of coffee consumption makes a lot of sense.

Is Caffeine a banned substance for Olympic athletes?

Kind of, an athlete must not exceed 12 micrograms or they will be barred from competing.  That's about 5 cups.

Is there any fat in espresso?

Espresso consists of about 2.5% fat.  That's what locks in the delicious crema, the bubbles are encased in the beans natural oils.

May 18, 2019 Daniel Kennedy