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Jun 09, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Wacaco Roast Reviews - Boulder Organic Coffee - Dark Roast

Review brought to you by Beth and George.

From start to finish, brewing with our Nanopresso is a multi-sensory experience. Watching the crema develop, relishing each mouthfeel, distinguishing each scent and flavor... Not to mention the imagery evoked by each taste! Sometimes we're caught by surprise; other times, for instance when we're given a bag clearly labeled "Dark Roast" and "espresso" in bold font, we can't help but have very high expectations. Luckily, our expectations were met - nay, exceeded - by Boulder Organic Coffee's Boulder Espresso.

Boulder Organic Coffee has been roasting Fair Trade, organic coffee beans in small batches for nearly 20 years. What makes them unique is their high-altitude roasting process: lower roasting temperatures and shorter roasting time results in a sweeter, smoother taste. The company’s focus is on shipping fresh, roasted-to-order coffee beans, and they have the process down to a science.

Fair Trade Organic Boulder Espresso

Origin: 100% organic, Fair Trade Certified blend of coffee beans from Indonesia (Sumatra), South America, and Central America; roasted in the southern Italian style and packed in Boulder, Colorado

First Impressions

Boulder's dark roasted coffee beans glisten like polished stones, almost too gorgeous to grind. We detected aromas in keeping with the label - that is, intense cocoa notes, a peaty, burnt earth smell, ripe Bing cherry, and, according to George, an anise-flavored Italian cookie. A chai latte-colored crema made for an exceptionally pretty shot of espresso, one we couldn't wait to enjoy.

Tasting Notes

The first sip had us feeling like we'd been pranked. George could still smell the anise aroma, but it didn't carry through to his tasting. We asked ourselves, "Are we drinking hot chocolate?" If we hadn't brewed the espresso ourselves, we might have mistaken it for high-percentage cacao in liquid form. A velvety mouthfeel with a touch of bitter aftertaste left us wanting more. If other espressos are better for lazy days, Boulder Espresso is perfect for those mornings you need to wake up and get moving. Boulder Espresso "would certainly put some pep in your step," according to George.

Jun 09, 2018 Daniel Kennedy