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May 29, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Wacaco Roast Reviews - Boulder Organic Coffee - Mexico Medium Roast

George and I (Beth) are the first to admit we’re not morning people. George, who’s out the door early for work, can’t stray from his routine lest he be late, while I set four alarms and snooze all of them. Occasionally we find ourselves up early on a weekend in no rush to be anywhere or do anything. On those mornings without the need for “zip,” we can fully enjoy a sip of espresso. Recently we enjoyed one such Sunday with the aid of Boulder Organic Coffee and our Nanopresso . We took a medium roast and made it into espresso, not knowing how it would turn out, and found ourselves pleasantly surprised.

Boulder Organic Coffee

Boulder Organic Coffee has been roasting Fair Trade, organic coffee beans in small batches for nearly 20 years. What makes them unique is their high-altitude roasting process: lower roasting temperatures and shorter roasting time results in a sweeter, smoother taste. The company’s focus is on shipping fresh, roasted-to-order coffee beans, and they have the process down to a science.

Fair Trade Organic Mexico (Medium Roast)

Origin: 100% organic, Fair Trade Certified Arabica beans grown by co-ops GRAPOS and Majomut in Chiapas, Mexico; roasted and packed in Boulder, Colorado

First Impressions

Seasonal allergies aside, I enjoyed the crisp, autumnal scent of the pre-ground beans, and George exclaimed the aroma reminded him of chocolate chip cookies. We could tell it would make a perfect cup of regular coffee, but we had to try it our way. We were floored by the aromas of honey and apple (as promised!) and the thin but even crema dappled with what looked like apple pie spice.

Tasting Notes

“For a coffee that’s not meant to be espresso, it makes a beautiful espresso,” said George. We have to hand it to Boulder Organic Coffee - we definitely noticed how the smooth texture played well with the gentle sweet and bitter notes. George felt as though he’d walked into a really good bakery, and I agreed - the mellow aftertaste with a hint of acidity reminded me of a pain au chocolat or a morning bun. All in all, the espresso sipping was easy and enjoyable, perfect for a lazy Sunday.



May 29, 2018 Daniel Kennedy