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Jul 13, 2018Daniel Kennedy

Wacaco Roast Reviews - Boulder Organic Coffee – Natural Ethiopia Sidamo Light Roast

Another excellent review from Beth and George!

Boulder Organic Coffee has been roasting Fair Trade, organic coffee beans in small batches for nearly 20 years. What makes them unique is their high-altitude roasting process: lower roasting temperatures and shorter roasting time results in a sweeter, smoother taste. The company’s focus is on shipping fresh, roasted-to-order coffee beans, and they have the process down to a science.

Ethiopia Sidamo, Natural Process, Fair Trade & Organic

Origin: 100% organic, Fair Trade Certified heirloom coffee beans from the OROMIA co-op in Ethiopia’sS Sidamo Region; roasted in a natural process and packed in Boulder, Colorado

 First Impressions

“Ooh, I’m envisioning brownies as I smell this,” said George, working up both of our appetites for dessert. “And maybe a hint of licorice?” When it was my turn, I pick up on light and sweet floral notes, as if I’d walked through a garden in bloom – the honeysuckle notes, as promised on the package! George had to work through a couple of blunders to achieve a beautiful shot with distinct layers, topped off with a sliver of a crema.

 Tasting Notes

When you mess up a shot of espresso, you might taste a hint of celery… fear not, for when you succeed, it becomes a light lemon acidity! With brownies still on our minds, it’s no surprise George picked up a hint of baked goods. The smooth, slightly bitter taste didn’t deliver a punch to either of us; rather, the caffeine made itself felt through a gentle vibration. We agreed that light roast espresso would be the perfect way to wind down a summer evening al fresco, especially if you’ve enjoyed a dinner paired with white wine.

Jul 13, 2018 Daniel Kennedy