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Sep 23, 2016Daniel Kennedy

What’s The Right Size Minipresso For You?


The standard size Minipresso makes a 50ml shot. You can use the size with ground beans, Nespresso® Capsules, or Caffitaly® Capsules.


Lungo’s are great for those who want a little more caffeine and a lot more to drink. You need the Large Water Tank for this which will make 100 ml shot, and can use the GR filter basket or our new favorite method is buying the Nespresso® Lungo capsules which have the exact right grind, blend, and amount of coffee to make the perfect Lungo shot. Great if you prefer larger than a Doppio, and if you’re into Lungos and Americanos!


Buddy System. This works with either 1 or 2 Nespresso® capsules, Caffitaly® capsules, or filter baskets (multiple baskets come with the Minipresso Kit). You can use one capsule and cycle between both shots, but if you and your coffee buddy DEMAND the strongest and boldest of espresso flavor in every sip, you can swap out the capsule or basket mid pump (without having to refill the water tank). This is a Minipresso Level 2 Espresso Master maneuver, so be very careful, as espresso is of course very hot and the spent grinds will have retained some heat from your hot water at this point. This is easiest to do with the Nespresso® capsules because you can use your fingertips to grip the outside edges of the top and pull the capsule out very easily.



Sep 23, 2016 Daniel Kennedy