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Mar 30, 2018Daniel Kennedy

What Vanlifers Have to Say about Wacaco!

We asked 3 vanlifers why Wacaco was their coffeemaker of choice for their nomadic adventures, here’s what they had to say!:


"We are planning on using it while we travel in a van that we will be converting in a couple of months.  My wife, Nahetzin, is a HUGE espresso drinker and not having an espresso machine in the van (it will take too much space and be a lot of work) was making her hesitate on our van adventure.  But I pulled her a couple of shots on the Wacaco and she's sold on the portable espresso.  She said it tasted as though the shots were pulled on a regular espresso machine.   She said the shots tasted smooth, and velvety and tasty.” -Barista George 


"Minipresso was introduced to me by a friend and has quickly made it’s way into my morning routine. It is not only simple to use, compact, and easy to store, it’s literally small enough to throw in my backpack! Pretty great for overnight hikers and everyday explorers. For me, I often rise before the sun, and well before the local coffee shops open, to go check what the surf is like. Having my Minipresso makes it easy to start my day off right.When the waves get big, my friends and I like to make the short trek south into Mexico. We go to destinations that are completely off grid, so plugging something into an outlet isn’t an option. Unlike most espresso makers that need power to run, the Minipresso uses a mechanical piston to achieve the perfect amount of pressure. All you need is a bit of boiled water, your favorite grind, and a few pumps to enjoy a delicious espresso from the comfort of anywhere!” -Ben P



“Living in a van while traveling New Zealand for a month was my first introduction to vanlife. The biggest challenge for me was adjusting to doing every-day tasks in a very small amount of space.  Cooking in the very small kitchen was by far the hardest thing to get use to.  You start realizing how valuable every square inch is, and it becomes much easier to filter out any unnecessary material items.  (Iiving in a van, even only for a month will quickly teach you a valuable lesson in minimalist living!)- Every loose item must be stowed for traveling so all pots, plates, silverware, cutting boards, extra appliances, etc must all fit in the 1 or 2 cabinets in the van. It was crucial that our coffee maker was compact and easy to store, which the Minipresso was perfect for. We had no electrical hookups in most of our campsite (we spend most of the trip freedom camping) so it was great that the Minipresso was hand powered, we could simply heat up the water with our propane stove and voila- fresh coffee! And the other thing I loved about the Minipresso in the van was that it was easy cleanup! One firm wack of the filter basket and the coffee grounds would come out in an intact puck.  That was perfect because we had very limited water the whole time.  By far the best thing about #minipressovanlife was enjoying the espresso with an ever-changing amazing view every morning!” -Nicole T


Mar 30, 2018 Daniel Kennedy