Which Wacaco Machine Is Best For You?
Mar 30, 2023Daniel Kennedy

Which Wacaco Machine Is Best For You?

Have you been wanting to expand your coffee tool kit but don't know where to start? We're here to help you pick the best Wacaco machine for your needs! Every one of our machines is completely hand powered (no batteries or electricity needed!) and portable so you can brew literally anywhere- use it at home as your daily brewer, bring it to the office, or toss it in your bag the next time you are adventuring!  

First Things First- What Type Of Coffee Do You Like?

Do you like the bold taste of an espresso or do you like to enjoy the experience of sipping a long coffee? We have brewers for both!
Check out this flow chart to see which machine matches the type of coffee you like.
Our espresso machines are:
Minipresso GR- For ground coffee
Minipresso NS- For Nespresso capsules ® 
Minipresso NS2 For Nespresso capsules® 
Nanopresso- For ground coffee
Nanopresso + NS adaptor: Allows you to use both ground coffee and  Nespresso capsules® 
Picopresso- For ground coffee
Our filter coffee machines are:
Cuppamoka- For pour over
Pipamoka- For pressure brewing

Want to find out more about each brewer? Check out this blog by Breanna Wilson for a detailed breakdown of each machine

Are you an espresso drinker? This chart compares our espresso brewers:

Want to see what others are saying? Check out this review by coffee expert Brodie Vissers as he reviews each machine in our entire lineup!  

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Mar 30, 2023 Daniel Kennedy