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Aug 26, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Why Minipresso is the Perfect Backpacking Companion


1: It’s light. At only 12.8 oz this saves on pack weight, plus pre-packed filter baskets or Nespresso® / Caffitaly® pods are virtually weightless.


2: No electricity needed. This contrasts some of the other portable espresso makers on the market; and its simplicity means it's easy to use and will be a lasting companion on your many trips to come. Simply add hot water.


3: Super Durable. That’s extremely high grade plastic baby. This thing can stand up to the harshest of trips, and by its nature water and weather won’t harm it. Try accidentally dropping your table top espresso machine (don’t actually try).


4: Cafe. Quality. Espresso. Cowboy Coffee works in a pinch, but is super messy and you’ll be sipping on grounds instead of enjoying a smooth cup of joe. French Press works, but who wants to take a heavy and easily breakable glass french press camping, plus a french press needs 10x more grounds to make the same amount of coffee. Minipresso is a portable espresso machine that's small enough to be your pocket barista, and creates the 8 bars of pressure needed to create an authentic espresso. What more can you ask for in the backcountry? "No cafe, no problem, I got my barista right here."


5: Integrates Seemlessly.  With a fire or camp stove ready it’s easy to include a nice hot coffee into a meal prep.


6: Pack it in, pack it out. With pre packed espresso baskets or pods, clean up is super easy. Trying to dispose of a half pound of grounds from your cowboy coffee, frenchpress, or other coffee creation method is going to leave you with the quandary of what to do with your grounds. Throwing them into the woods isn’t the best bet, as you’ll likely leave the next campers with some very caffeinated bears.  Packing out soggy heavy grounds isn’t going the be optimal either. After extraction, the puck in your Minipresso will be virtually dry, making it light and easy to transport.

7: Rewards. Reward yourself with a Minipresso as a summit treat when reaching a goal along your journey.




Aug 26, 2016 Daniel Kennedy