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Apr 28, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Why Minipresso is the Perfect Travel Companion


1. It’s small and light! At only 12.8 oz and 6.89 inches tall the Minipresso easily fits into any luggage. Try fitting your countertop coffee machine in your carry-on! So small even airline attendants say they always have it in their bag!

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2. Cafe quality espresso anywhere! There’s nothing worse than waking up in your hotel room to realize the coffee is awful. And we all know the airplane coffee is nothing to write home about. With Minipresso you can make a fresh espresso with the roast of your choice, anytime anywhere!


3. It’s super durable. We know how luggage at the airport can get thrown around sometimes. We’ve dropped ours off cliffs, down crevices. It’s made of some pretty tough stuff!


4. No electricity needed. If you’re like us and need a coffee before your coffee, you can relate to the infinite purgatory that is waiting for the flight attendant to take your order and bring your coffee? As long as you have hot water, the minipresso is all hand powered so you can make your brew anywhere! Pro tip: Bring a small double hulled thermos with you and you can get free hot water virtually anywhere food is sold!


"What do you do when you need premium #coffee at 40,000ft? Make your own espresso using a #Minipresso of course!" - @foodbusker 📷: @crukafe

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5. Avoid high coffee prices at the airport! There isn’t a lot of price shopping at an airport, they know they can set their prices high and people will pay. With the Minipresso you can beat the airport cafe, Pre-pack some extra ground coffee filter baskets with your favorite grounds or pack some lightweight Nespresso pods and you’re good to go! Coffee made fresh at a fraction of the price!


6. A perfect pre or post travel pick-me-up! No one enjoys all the hassle of traveling. Make your 3am wakeup a little more bearable with fresh hot espresso, or use it as a boost of energy once you arrive at your destination! A nice little victory shot at the end of a long journey.


Safe travels!




Apr 28, 2017 Daniel Kennedy