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Sep 25, 2020Daniel Kennedy

Why The Pipamoka Is The Best Work From Home Coffee Machine

With everyone adjusting to their new work-from-home life and practicing social distancing the Pipamoka is the perfect home office coffee machine.

  1. It’s small - Most tabletop coffee machines are big and bulky. The Pipamoka is a coffee machine and insulated mug all in one! You can brew directly into the mug.  You can even brew right at your desk without it taking up any valuable real estate on your work area.
  2. Its quick (we call it the "2 minute brew")! Let’s face it- there are plenty of times at work when you ‘need coffee right now!’ With the Pipamoka it only takes 2 minutes to brew a smooth, flavorful cup of coffee.
  3. Its clean! The Pipamoka includes a custom funnel and matching scoop for a mess-free way to add the coffee grinds into the filter basket. Its also self-contained so the entire brew process takes place in the mug, and there aren’t a lot of parts to clean.
  4. Spill free hot coffee! After you brew, the coffee stays hot for hours in the isothermal stainless steel mug. It also comes with a twist-on vacuum sealed lid so you won't risk spilling coffee on your computer or electronics!
  5. Good for the environment - The stainless steel micro-filter is re-useable and very easy to clean, meaning there is no excess waste created from having to use one-time-use paper filters like other coffee brewers.

Sep 25, 2020 Daniel Kennedy