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Feb 13, 2020Daniel Kennedy

Why The Pipamoka is the Perfect Camping Coffee Maker

Photos by Harrison Candlin

1.  Two words: waste free.  When you’re backpacking or camping its always important to follow the ‘pack in pack out” and "leave no trace" rules. The Pipamoka uses a permanent micro-filter mesh. No need for paper filters, so not only will you save a few bucks, you'll also be creating no additional paper waste. Plus, you dont have to worry about running out of paper filters on the trail, you can make coffee as many times as you need!

2.  You pack less. The coffee machine is your thermos, so no need to pack a separate mug for your morning coffee.

3.  It takes 2 minutes.  Lets face it, camping and backpacking usually means early mornings.  Brewing with the Pipamoka takes only 2 minutes, so you can start that dawn patrol right!

4.  No mess.  The Pipamoka is a no mess coffee machine.  It includes a funnel so you can add the coffee grounds into the filter basket without spilling.  The brewing process is all self contained within in the water chamber and mug.  The only cleanup required is to remove the spent grinds out of the filter basket.  If you wait a few minutes for the ground coffee is dry and cleanup easy!

5.  It comes with a vacuum sealed lid.  For those long days on the trail you can make the coffee before you leave for the day and screw on the lid, the coffee will stay hot for hours and you’ll be caffeinated the entire way.  Most lids leak and most vacuum sealed mugs cannot be placed anyway but perfectly upright.  Throw the Pipamoka in your bag and you are good to go!

6.  It’s lightweight and it's durable. Weight matters, especially when you’re backpacking. The entire machine weighs less than a pound and the mug is made from Stainless steel.  This portable coffee maker will be making coffee for years and years to come!


Feb 13, 2020 Daniel Kennedy