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Sep 09, 2016Daniel Kennedy

Why We Love Traveling With Minipresso NS and Nespresso® Pods


The Minipresso NS is the perfect way to take your favorite Nespresso® on the go! A fresh hot Nespresso® espresso no longer has to be confined to your kitchen or office counter, now you can enjoy it wherever you go!



1. Light, Portable Travel - With each pod only weighing 5-6 grams it’s a great solution for reducing weight and saving space on your next hiking, fishing, climbing, paddling or camping adventure!


2. Pre-packed Coffee Ready To Go! - Packing is the least fun part of the trip, with Nespresso® pods, the coffee is all ready to go. Spend less time preparing and more time adventuring!


3. No Mess Clean Up - with the coffee self contained in the Nesspresso pod just pop the pod in, make your espresso, and pop it out when you’re done!


4. Two Shots Are Better Than One - Use the regular water tank to make a single shot (70 ml) or use our Tank+ (120ml) using the Nespresso® Lungo pods to make 2 shots to share, or a long shot for some extra caffeination!  Who doesn’t love more coffee!




Now get out there and find an epic spot to enjoy your next Minipresso Nespresso®! Happy Trails!





Sep 09, 2016 Daniel Kennedy