#WinTheNano | Wacaco
Sep 12, 2017Daniel Kennedy


Hey Minipresso lovers!  How would you like to win a super sweet upgrade to your pocket barista tool kit?  


All this month we are running a photo contest to give you the chance to
win the new Nanopresso!
Here’s how it works:
Create a photo of your Minipresso, Post it on your instagram, and use the hashtag #WinTheNano in the caption and tag @wacaco_minipresso in the photo!


You can submit as many photos as you’d like!  On October 1st we will pick a winner and announce it on our Instagram page!
Whats new about the Nanopresso?
It’s smaller and lighter than the Minipresso - it fits just about anywhere, so you can take it with you on all of your adventures!


It comes with a case! The durable case will protect your Nanopresso as well as allowing an easy way to transport your Nanopresso (it has a loop so you can clip it to any bag or strap)


It produces more bars of pressure with less effort - it’s easier to pump and produces more pressure for a better crema, need we say more?


Accessories make the Nanopresso even more versatile! Hate having to choose between ground coffee and pods? The Nanopresso has the ability to do BOTH with the NS Adaptor ( coming soon )! Now you can enjoy both worlds!


Can’t wait? Get yours now!



Sep 12, 2017 Daniel Kennedy