Roast Review: Brewtus Roasting
Nov 02, 2023Daniel Kennedy

Roast Review: Brewtus Roasting

Blog by: Sheila Murray

Imagine placing an order online for a bag of coffee beans and knowing that it will be freshly roasted, just for you. This is what you can expect when you order from Brewtus Roasting. Brewtus Roasting is definitely not your run-of-the-mill coffee roasting company. They take extra care to amplify the flavors of the already high-quality coffee through their small batch roasting process. Once roasted, they package it immediately and ship it to your doorstep. You can rest assured that you are supporting a company that prioritizes not only your taste buds but also reducing their carbon footprint. You can learn more about how right here!

I was eager to try Brewtus coffee for myself, and to pair it with the Wacaco products. Read on to hear how it went!

Ethiopia Checho Bita Keffa

First impressions 

I opened the bag of coffee and lifted the opening of the bag close to my nose. I detected bright fruits as well as brown sugar. The overall smell was amazing, I wished I could bottle it up! I could tell how extraordinarily freshly roasted the beans were, simply by this first impression. I handed the bag over to James, to guess what he smelled. As always, we were doing this coffee tasting “blind,” which meant we were sensing flavor notes without looking at the information provided on the bag or website. 

James shook the coffee bag around a bit and then inhaled the smell.

“Ah,” I said thoughtfully, “I am getting a fruit, like strawberry. Also brown sugar and something grounding, like hazelnut.” 

We agreed there was a balance between brightness and depth in the roast and we were curious how our guesses would fare once we tasted the coffee. 

I hadn’t used the Pipamoka in a little while, so I took it out and started to boil water while James ground the beans. We vacuum brewed the coffee and then split it into two mugs. 

Tasting notes

“Woah,” said James, “it has so much flavor!”

He said he was still getting notes of fruit, as well as acidity or citrus at the backend. He also noted that there was a creaminess that complemented the citrus flavor. We wondered if this was more because of the coffee or because the Pipamoka uses a mesh filter that allows more oils to pass through into the coffee and contribute to the flavor and texture. We decided it was both!

I hesitated to say that I noticed a certain sour taste. I hesitated because I hadn’t experienced anything like it before! It was sour in a pleasant, rich way. James agreed with this sentiment and we became more curious about how Brewtus would describe these notes. There was such a balance of flavors but it was also far from boring. I wondered if the sour tang I noticed could be raspberry, melon, or perhaps another fruit.

The reveal

Brewtus says that this coffee has notes of Blackberry and Pineapple! Amazing! I invite you to read the full story behind this coffee and the many hands that work to make it from farm to cup. Unsurprisingly, this coffee is selling out fast. I tasted the medium roast but at present there is only light roast left, which is what I’ve linked for you. That said, all of their coffees look unique and are definitely coffee cabinet staples. Take their coffee on your next weekend at the lake or mountain adventure!

Espresso blend 

First impressions 

The first thing I noticed, upon smelling the espresso beans, was a sense of sweetness and depth. It was distinctly different from the Ethiopian coffee, so I was grateful we tried them back to back. 

James kept shaking around the bag of coffee beans to release even more aroma as he thoughtfully considered. He noted a bright fruit that was balanced with cinnamon and something rich and bold. 

For me, it had notes of toasted nut (like almond), chocolate, molasses, and stone fruit. 

We pulled out the Nanopresso and barista kit, ground the beans, and boiled water. There is something special about the ceremonious nature of making coffee and espresso when you take the time to slow down and enjoy the process. 

Tasting notes

James sipped his espresso first and noticed that it had an impressively satisfying taste and finish. 

 “When I smelled it, I got the impression that it would have a darker and more intense flavor but this is really smooth,” he said. He was pleased by the “burst of acidity” that tapered off and he finished his espresso quickly out of enjoyment.

Personally, more of the fruit notes were coming through the taste of the espresso than I had previously noticed just through smell. I guessed that it was a red fruit, stone fruit, or even dried fruit. It was complemented by notes of dark chocolate and perhaps even some spice! 

The reveal

In their words:

“It is a blend of three different coffees to bring you a full-bodied espresso blend with lots of complexity, and lots of cocoa with just a hint of dark cherry sweetness.”

What’s nice about this blend is that it makes for a delicious espresso but Brewtus also indicates it’s great for coffee as well. Try it with the Pipamoka as well as one of Wacaco’s espresso products (Nanopresso and Picopresso)!

Nov 02, 2023 Daniel Kennedy