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Picopresso is the most compact and pro-oriented of our portable espresso machines. This specialty coffee espresso machine features a naked portafilter, so users will see delicious creamy espresso flowing directly from a standard 52mm 18 grams stainless steel filter basket during the brewing process. With the Picopresso there are no shortcuts. Each home brewer must master the art of manual espresso making by dialing in the correct grind size, tamping, and perfecting pulling technique – their reward; an authentic cafe-quality espresso that will rival any expensive high-end machine.



Dimension 106x78x71 mm 4.17x3.07x2.8 in
Weight 350 g 0.77 lb
Water capacity 80 ml 2.70 fl oz
Ground capacity 18 g 0.63 oz
Max. pressure 18 bar 261 psi


Dimension 230x184x118 mm 9.05x7.24x6.64 in
Weight 1250 g 2.75 lb
Package includes Picopresso, double filter basket, tamper, scoop, brush, distribution tool, funnel, protective case, multi-languages instruction book, warranty card, and a Wacaco sticker.


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A Wacaco Customer
United States United States
Phenomenal upgrade from the Nanopresso + Barista Kit

After a little bit of practice I've been extracting better shots on the Picopresso than I did on prosumer machines I used to own that cost over a thousand dollars. Just like a professional espresso machine, in order to get good results from the Picopresso you must have a high quality grinder, a small scale, and a desire to experiment and learn. If you check all those boxes then you're going to absolutely love this device.

Andrew B.
New Zealand New Zealand
Very Impressed

I've used another portable espresso maker in the past but was never that happy with the results and it broke almost immediately. By contrast the picopresso is very rugged (albeit a little heavier) and produces a fantastic espresso, nearly as good as my full-sized machine. It takes a little bit of dialling in but once I sorted it out I've had no issues with getting repeatable results. Others have mentioned the hot-water lid being easy to cross-thread, while this is true I've worked out a trick which makes it much better. After filling place the machine on a flat surface like a bench, place the lid on top and push straight down firmly without trying to turn it. The lid should push down onto the machine a little bit before stopping and should sit flat, at that point you can start turning while pushing down and it should thread on without any issues or chance of spilling hot water.

Stefan T.
Denmark Denmark

Touring 200+ days a year I was happy with the Nanopresso but as a coffee lover and gadget freak, of course I needed the Pico. And what a treat!!! When first you get a hold on the grind size, you simply get perfect espresso every time. The design is so compact that I never have an excuse not to bring it. Thank you Wacaco for saving my early mornings, late nights and all the coffee breaks in-between! P.S. my colleagues thank you as well....