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Sep 02, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Biking with Wacaco

We’ve covered mountain biking, but here’s some tips for our city dwellers, road cyclists, and bike commuters.  You don’t always have to get out to a secluded summit to enjoy your Nanopressos and Minipressos.  Your little espresso sidekick can deliver a delicious cafe quality shot right in the heart of a city.

  1. Throw your Mini or Nano in your messenger bag or backpack, prefilled with coffee grinds or pods, and hot water.  You can also bring extra hot water in a thermos, or restock your hot water from a bodega, convenient store, etc.  It’s easy to find, and usually free.
  2. Be sure to pick a choice spot to enjoy your morning espresso along your commute or bike ride, or be spontaneous and pick a primo location on a whim.  Your bike can take you anywhere you want, so enjoy espresso on the go!
  3. Always keep your portable espresso machine with you, because you never know when you’ll be wanting for a nice cafe quality espresso.  You’re not longer captive to the confines of your favorite cafe, bring the cafe with you!

Save money, enjoy consistent quality, and have a cafe quality espresso anytime you want, and wherever you might find yourself - what more can you ask for?



Sep 02, 2017 Daniel Kennedy