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Sep 01, 2018Daniel Kennedy

FAQ about the Nanopresso!

How do you clean the Nanopresso?

The first step in Nano maintenance is to clean the rim near the orange seal within the nozzle.  The small brush included with every Nanopresso is the perfect tool for this step.  This will get rid of any loose espresso grinds that could prevent the nozzle from sealing perfectly with the filter basket and rest of the Nanopresso body.
We recommend cleaning the portafilter a few times a month if you're noticing any pressure leaks as grounds can build up underneath the orange seal.  Removing the orange seal is easy, gently slide it up over the rim and wash both the seal and the rest of the nozzle under running water.  That's it!
For more detailed information about cleaning check out our blog post here:


Does the Nanopresso retain its pressure during extraction?

Yes!  The Nanopresso is completely hand powered, and extracts the espresso with a powerful piston. With Nanopresso, once the pressure has been built up, it remains very stable during the whole extraction process.  Check out the video below! 

Do I have to heat up the water?

For a proper  extraction it is best to heat up the water when making an espresso with the Nanopresso, but if you're in a bind, or if you want to make a cold brew, you can make an espresso with cold water too!
Let me share with you one of our early tests in which we used cold water coming directly from the water tap.
Even though the coffee in the test above is completely cold, the extraction is quite good! The crema has a very nice color and the espresso tastes surprisingly good for an all cold water extraction. Cold brew is perfect for hot days!

How is the Nanopresso different from the Minipresso?

The Nanopresso is our newest model and there are some key differences between the Nanopresso and the Minipresso:

The Nanopresso is SHORTER & LIGHTER 

The Nanopresso is 2cm shorter than the Nanopresso. It is also 26 grams lighter.  

The Nanopresso has a LARGER WATER CAPACITY and LARGER FILTER BASKET than the Minipresso.  The water capacity has increased to 80ml and we reccomend 8 gr of finely ground coffee (tamped hard) for the filter basket
The Nanopresso is even more powerful! It has 18 bars of pressure and requires 15% less power to press the piston.  The result is a thicker, and extremely smooth crema that packs a lot of flavor!

Do you have to buy a special Nanopresso to use Capsules, or a Special Nanopresso to make larger cups of espresso?

No!  One of our favorite improvements is the fact that the Nanopresso is modular meaning you can swap out the filter basket with our NS adaptor to easily use coffee capsules, or use the Barista kit for larger amounts of espresso, or stronger espresso.

Do you have different versions of the Nanopresso?  What's the difference?

All of our Patrol Series and Tattoo Series Nanopressos are completely identical in functionality.  The only difference is their appearance.  Stand out and Espresso Yourself with COLORS or dynamic new artwork!


Can I make more than 1 shot at a time?

Yes! Our barista kit comes with a larger water tank (that holds up to 120ml of water) and includes 2 larger coffee filter baskets (enough to hold 16grams of coffee) so you can make 2 shots at once or 1 large Americano style coffee.
Sep 01, 2018 Daniel Kennedy