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Jun 02, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Minipresso Hacks!


Here are some help tips and tricks for making coffee on the go!



For Minipresso NS users - when traveling store extra pods in the water tank, so they are always right where you need them, and they won’t get crushed or lost in transport!

For Minipresso GR users - bring extra ground coffee with you and make multiple espresso’s QUICK by pre-filling the extra filter baskets that you get with the KIT+. Because we all know one espresso is never enough!

Did you know you can get FREE hot water almost anywhere food is sold? On your next road trip pop into the gas station with a thermos and ask for a fill up!

For the easiest clean up with your Minipresso GR, wait a few minutes until the grounds in the filter basket have dried, and with a few firm hits into the palm of your hand the grounds should come out as a completely intact puck.


If you are really in a bind and don’t have access to hot water you can also make a cold water Minipresso! Check out our BLOG POST for more details, never go without coffee!

For THE BEST quality crema do a hot water primer by running hot water through the machine to get it up to temperature. This is especially important when making an espresso in cold temperatures.

All packed for your backpacking trip, but have no extra space in your bag? With the Minipresso Case you can carabiner the machine to the outside of your pack. Plus, that makes the coffee even more accessible for when you need coffee asap!




Jun 02, 2017 Daniel Kennedy