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Jul 01, 2017Daniel Kennedy

Wacaco Latte Cubes!


In the summer, sometimes there’s nothing better than an ice cold latte! This recipe will help you avoid watering down your favorite coffee beverage with regular ice cubes! More Caffeine + more delicious!




Fill ice cube tray half way with milk. If you would like to add a sweetener, mix it with the milk before adding it to the ice cube tray.


Place ice cube tray in freezer until frozen.


Once frozen remove ice cube tray and make a COLD BREW Minipresso (or Nanopresso!) over the frozen milk to fill the tray. Using cold water will prevent the milk and espresso from mixing, and also your latte cubes will freeze faster.


Once completely frozen remove from freezer and add cube to your favorite cold water Wacaco brew!


Pro tips:


You can also use coconut milk for a coconut flavored latte!


For a French Vanilla twist, add a drop of vanilla to the milk before freezing!


For a tasty Nutella iced latte, mix 1 tablespoon of Nutella with coffee, stir to dissolve then freeze.


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Jul 01, 2017 Daniel Kennedy