Espresso, Pour-Over, or Pressure-Brewed: Which Wacaco Brewer is Best for You?
Feb 26, 2022Daniel Kennedy

Espresso, Pour-Over, or Pressure-Brewed: Which Wacaco Brewer is Best for You?

A breakdown of Wacaco’s full line of portable brewing machines, from the original portable espresso machine that started it all, the Minipresso, to the latest release, the Picopresso. Read our ultimate guide for choosing the Wacaco brewer that’s best for you. Written by: Travel and Adventure writer Breanna Wilson

As Wacaco gets ready to celebrate 10 years in the portable espresso and coffee-making biz (Wacaco started back in 2013), now is as perfect a time as any to update you, espresso and coffee lovers around the world, on all things Wacaco. From what brewers we have available a decade in to a brief history on how Wacaco started.

So, go ahead and brew yourself something delicious (with a Wacaco brewer, of course). We have some coffee grounds to cover.

Who is Wacaco?

If you’re new to Wacaco and the portable brewers we offer, let us break them – and our history – down for you. Starting with the question, who is Wacaco?

Wacaco’s earliest machine dates back to 2013 when founder Hugo Cailleton began work on the Minipresso as a personal project. His goal was to create a small, light, and convenient handheld espresso machine that he could use on business trips. With a master’s degree in industrial design, Cailleton would build more than ten prototypes, testing different mechanisms, coffee extraction quality, and the overall ergonomic design of such a product. Through feedback from friends, family, and other espresso lovers, the Minipresso was born.

Realizing he was onto something, Cailleton went all in, founding Wacaco and eventually turning his attention to the next generation brewer, the Nanopresso. The Nanopresso was lighter, required less force for brewing than the Minipresso, and would help solidify Wacaco as a serious player in the coffee brewer world.

To this day, the company prides itself in delivering innovative designs that offer portability and ease in brewing, as well as taste. All of Wacaco’s brewers require only the power of your hands – no batteries, no chargers, no plugs. So, no matter where you are – from the backcountry to your office desk – great-tasting coffee and espresso are always in reach.

What you see and brew with today was, and still is, a labor of love. And we couldn’t be prouder to share that love with you. Read more about each of our brewers below and decide which Wacaco brewer is best for you.


For: Coffee Lovers, Meet Espresso

Replaces: Terrible Office Coffee and Other Countertop Espresso Machines

Ditch terrible office coffee and temperamental countertop espresso machines and go mini. The Minipresso, Wacaco’s original portable espresso brewer, fits in the palm of your hand, can easily be thrown in your computer bag or suitcase, and delivers big on style and taste. When you’re living a life that requires constant caffeination, no matter where you are – at home or the office, there’s no better brewer for it.

The Minipresso comes in three different versions – GR, NS, and CA. The Minipresso GR uses grounds, the NS uses coffee pods, and the CA uses Caffitaly System® and Tchibo Cafissimo® coffee pods. Opt for the Minipresso GR, which uses a super fine grind for the most traditional setup.

Available accessories include: Minipresso Tank+, - Minipresso Kit, Minipresso Case

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For: Hikers, Bikers, and Everyone in Between

Replaces: Roadside Cafes and Expensive Energy Drinks

When you’re on the road and need a quick fix – an espresso fix, that is – the Nanopresso doesn’t disappoint. Easy to assemble and use, you need hot water and your grounds (both easily packable), and you’re ready to brew anytime, anywhere.

Weighing in at 336 g / 0.74 lbs and able to reach 18 bars of pressure in about 6-8 pumps, everything you need is in your hands. With a built-in cup, scoop, and brush that are easily packable, as well as a sturdy carrying case, from road trip adventures to day hikes and overnight camping trips, you can pack it in and pack it out without worry – and without taking up precious space.

As one of the most popular portable espresso brewers on the market, there are plenty of resources for brewing and maintaining a Nanopresso, including this recent article on common Nanopresso brewing mistakes and how to fix them, so you never brew a terrible shot again. Ever.

Available accessories include: Nanopresso Barista Kit, Nanopresso NS Adapter, Nanopresso DG Kit, Nanovessel, Nanopresso Cases: S-Case, M-Case, and L-Case

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For: Camping Trips

Replaces: Instant and Cowboy Coffee

Drinking wonderfully balanced coffee with every single twist from this IF Design award-winning portable pressure brewer is as easy as it sounds. Whether you find yourself building the ultimate kitchen for camping or you’re just looking for a power-free way to brew in the wild, the Pipamoka is it. Your taste buds will thank you for never making them drink instant coffee again.

Plus, you can keep your waste in the wild to a minimum with the brewer's reusable mesh coffee basket. Especially during a road trip, like this five-day adventure across Ireland fueled by the Pipamoka.

Available accessories include: Pipamoka Case, Pipamoka Baskets Set, Drinking Lid

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For: Overlanders and Tiny Living

Replaces: Bulky Coffee Brewers

Overlanding and tiny living are hot words these days. Between the c-word that’s had everyone traveling closer to home by any means possible and younger generations going for more minimal living arrangements, it’s obvious why these two trends have taken off. And, with trends comes the need for inventions like the Cuppamoka. Because when you’re living out of your car or a home that isn’t much larger than one, space is everything. And having a brewer that’s as all-in-one as the Cuppamoka is just the trick.

To use the Cuppamoka, twist the pour-over cone up its home inside the insulated mug, and add your paper filter. Rinse the filter for the cleanest taste possible before adding 2.5 scoops of grounds. Pour hot water in a circular motion over your grounds and set your pour-over cone on the plastic collection pad when you’re done brewing.

And, if you’re asking yourself, what is pour-over coffee anyways? And is it that easy to brew the perfect pour-over with the Cuppamoka? Well, all we can say is… prepare to have your tastebuds blown.

Available accessories: 200 Paper Filters

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For: Espresso Experts

Replaces: Your Favorite Espresso

Say goodbye to your favorite barista and your favorite espresso brewer. The Picopresso is here to replace both. With the ability to brew café-quality, barista-level double espressos from this tiny, portable espresso maker, there are plenty of reasons you’ll want to get your hands on a Picopresso.

If you love the process of brewing espresso, from finding the perfect grind to going through the motions of pulling it, this is the brewer for you. The naked portafilter offers a stream of creamy, rich espresso that’s as enjoyable to watch falling from the brewer as it is to drink.

Coffee pro Brodie Vissers is a massive fan of this mighty brewer, and his Picopresso tips and tricks for brewing the best double espresso possible aren’t to be missed.

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For: Anyone on the Go

Replaces: Disposable Cups

Travel mugs don’t need much explaining. They’re good for the planet and even better for your wallet. Whether you’re a mom or a singleton who is constantly on the go, the Octaroma’s sleek design, five colorways, and three different sizes offer something for everyone.

Twist on the lid and pop the tab into place to prevent spills and leaks and keep your favorite brew hot (or cold) for hours on end.

Don’t believe us? We aren’t the only ones who think the Octaroma is the best insulated travel mug for anyone on the go…

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Looking for More Wacaco Wisdom?

As always, join the conversation in the Wacaco Facebook group and ask questions about each brewer, troubleshoot any problems you might run into, and find your morning inspiration.

Feb 26, 2022 Daniel Kennedy